The Most Important Part of Your Crypto PR Campaign

The most important part of your Crypto PR campaign is not the marketing or the promotion. It is how the community perceives your content and your brand. In 2017 only a handful of projects had product releases. If you are seeking organic publicity, you must have a well-defined budget and make sure that your content is cool and associated with big names. This will increase the likelihood of your article being shared and backlinked. Although community management is not PR in the traditional sense, most Blockchain projects have to maintain communities on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

To find an agency to handle your PR campaign, look for companies with proven track records. Some firms have a track record of securing brand coverage in blockchain and cryptocurrency podcasts. Some of them even invite brands to attend blockchain conferences and publish their products in reputable crypto publications. They also offer full-featured articles, interviews, and quotes. These are the types of pieces that mainstream publications will publish. They will also promote your product through social media channels, which will allow for a wider audience to learn about your crypto project.

Another way to find a trustworthy and experienced crypto PR agency is to look at their portfolio. To find an agency with a proven track record, look for a portfolio that includes some of the biggest blockchain businesses. There are over 6,000 different kinds of cryptocurrency on the market today. With so many scams and frauds in the crypto space, it is extremely hard for new blockchain technology start-ups to earn the trust of the public. To find the right agency for your needs, contact the leading cryptocurrency marketing agency in your area today.

While some firms have experience in crypto PR, most don’t have the in-house expertise to handle complex and controversial cases. To do this, a PR agency should be able to pitch stories to journalists. If a journalist wants to cover a crypto project, they need to have a story pitch that makes them interested. Then, they should speak to outside experts to ensure that the piece is accurate and believable. Many times, journalists are interested in cryptocurrencies, so a press release that’s not the best option won’t be published.

The right PR agency can help your company build brand awareness and attract new investors. A blockchain PR agency can help your crypto startup establish a community that will support and promote their project. With a community in place, your company can reach out to investors, angels, niche venture capitalists, family offices, and institutional investors. FinTech collaborations can happen in roundtable investor conferences, as well as through the media. And as the crypto industry becomes more popular, it will need to evolve and improve its PR strategies.

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